Reconciling Multiple Locations

Accounting oversight across the complete operation

Compare and control operations across locations

Smart decision making for owners with multiple locations

Blazej Business understands the operating challenges owners face:

  • Revenue and expenses must be booked to the location
  • Accounting procedures must be in place and followed in all locations
  • Financial reports must allow for comparison and management of all locations
  • Payroll management is necessary, since employees may work in multiple locations

Blazej Business is the Ideal Accounting Partner

We will develop policies and procedures for the company to ensure each location's accounting is accurate and organized consistently across all locations

We understand financial reporting and reliable ways to compare and contrast location performance

We will work with internal staff on the reasons for location-specific coding of transactions


The Blazej Business Bookkeeping & Accounting Teams will do the coding or double-check internal staff.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  1. Coding bank and credit card transactions to ensure the books stay up to date
  2. Asking questions on expenses and deposits to maintain the quality of financial reports


The Blazej Business Accounting Teams will perform the tasks or review internal staff work.


  1. Reconcile bank, credit card & loan accounts
  2. Review Balance Sheet and P & L
  3. Confirm payroll and benefits 
  4. Confirm accuracy of financials for all locations


The Blazej Business Accounting Teams will perform the tasks or review internal staff work.


  1. Quarterly review
  2. Review and correct unreconciled items
  3. Confirm payroll tax deposits
  4. Reconcile owner draw account(s)
  5. Verify financials

Say YES to Blazej Business

  1. When accounting is kept up to date, decisions are easier and potential issues will stand out
  2. Accounting expertise is available on demand as needed, as opposed to hiring an accounting manager
  3. Eliminates end-of-year rush to reconciliation before the CPA begins tax preparation
  4. Simplifies tax planning 
  5. Always updated financial reports gives lenders, banks and partners a clear picture of the locations at any time

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