Accounting Oversight

Working with in-house staff

On-demand expertise for more complex issues

Comprehensive financials, explained

No internal team? No problem.

Expect an accounting oversight plan tailor made for your business

Blazej Business will develop a plan that keeps your accounting up to date and provides a solid financial picture:

  • Revenue and expenses will be booked to the proper accounts
  • Accounting procedures will be provided for internal staff
  • Financial reports will be created, verified  and explained
  • Complexities like multiple locations or multiple entities within a single organization will be handled easily
  • Payroll and benefit payments will be reconciled and compliance will be confirmed
  • Our project scope is based on your need -- if you have internal staff, we'll work with them. If you don't we have the team to handle the day-to-day transactions.

Blazej Business is the Ideal Accounting Partner - Here's how we work:

During onboarding, we'll learn how the accounting looks now and make a plan for what's next

We will develop our oversight plan, with clear tasks on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis

We will check-in with your tax CPA to be sure we're addressing any concerns or challenges they have, and deliver monthly financials on a timely basis

We'll deliver verified financials every month, complete with explanations and any potential issues we've noted

Who will benefit from Blazej Business's accounting oversight?

Is your in-house admin overwhelmed - both by the tasks and the knowledge needed?

Do the Balance Sheet and P&L seem to tell the wrong story about the business?

Are you getting ready to seek funding for expansion?

Has business growth made your accounting needs more complex?

Say YES to Blazej Business

  1. When accounting is kept up to date, decisions are easier and potential issues will stand out
  2. Accounting expertise is available on demand as needed, as opposed to hiring an accounting manager
  3. Eliminates end-of-year rush to reconciliation before the CPA begins tax preparation
  4. Simplifies tax planning 
  5. Always updated financial reports gives lenders, banks and partners a clear picture of the entities at any time

Multiple Locations

Compare & Contrast with Meaningful Metrics


Multiple Businesses

Keep them as separate as needed without unnecessary complications


Reports Lenders Love

P&L statements that accurately reflect the business's condition & that reconcile with other systems


Accounting Oversight & Training

Use in-house administrative staff for routine transaction maintenance.

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Accounting Oversight


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