Accounting Oversight & Training for In-House Staff

Specific training for admin staff without accounting experience

Ongoing accounting oversight & on-demand expertise when the need arises

Financial reporting geared to business requirements

Smart decision making starts with sound accounting practices & oversight

Blazej Business understands companies that want to use administrative staff to handle routine accounting tasks.

  • Financial transactions - both expenses and revenue - must be booked accurately and consistently
  • Financial reports must be accurate and useful to the business owner, lenders and the CPA
  • Payroll taxes must be calculated and paid on time
  • Tax planning is possible when all the accounting is up to date

Blazej Business is the Ideal Accounting Partner

We will develop policies and procedures to ensure the accounting is accurate, and train the admin staff to code transactions correctly

We will review bank, credit card and other balance-sheet accounts on a regular basis, to support business decision making

We will look at the numbers and ask "why", when things change significantly


The Blazej Business Bookkeeping & Accounting Teams will double-check coding with internal staff.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  1. Coding bank and credit card transactions to ensure the books stay up to date
  2. Weekly calls with in-house staff to review questions
  3. Asking questions on expenses and deposits to maintain the quality of financial reports


The Blazej Business Accounting Teams will perform the tasks or review internal staff work.


  1. Review bank, credit card & loan accounts reconciliations completed by in-house staff
  2. Review Balance Sheet and P & L
  3. Confirm payroll and benefits 
  4. Confirm accuracy of financials 


The Blazej Business Accounting Teams will perform the tasks or review internal staff work.


  1. Quarterly review
  2. Review and correct unreconciled items
  3. Confirm payroll tax deposits
  4. Confirm that all corrections have been made
  5. Reconcile owner draw account(s)
  6. Verify financials
  7. Review potential 1099 vendors

Say YES to Blazej Business

  1. When accounting is kept up to date, decisions are easier and potential issues will stand out
  2. The in-house staff has a source for assistance in the moment and an opportunity to learn for the future
  3. Eliminates end-of-year rush to reconciliation before the CPA begins tax preparation
  4. Simplifies tax planning 
  5. Always updated financial reports gives lenders, banks and partners a clear picture of business at any time

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